The European Regional Office in Brussels represents IUCN at the EU level and works with the European Members to help deliver the Union’s goals.


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  • Alija de la Ribera Spain

    A European plan for nature protection


    Today, the European Commission published the “EU Action Plan for nature, people and the economy,” following the results from the fitness check of the EU Birds and Habitats  Directives last December. 

  • Green Infrastructure Nature-based solutions Conference, Orvieto, Italy

    Discovering the secrets of successfully implementing nature-based solutions in cities


    IUCN and Deltares hosted a side-event and roundtable session during the conference “Green Infrastructure: Nature-based Solutions for Sustainable and Resilient Cities”, which was held from 4-7 April in Orvieto, Italy. This conference was organised by the COST...

  • Lion (Panthera leo)

    New IUCN programme to help carnivores and humans coexist across Africa


    Protecting lions, cheetahs and other iconic African species by helping local communities coexist with these predators is the goal of a new 12 million euro programme, funded by the European Commission, to be managed by IUCN’s SOS - Save Our Species initiative...

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