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The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas (the ‘IUCN Green List Standard’) is a new global standard for protected areas in the 21st Century. In line with IUCN’s core mission of ‘A just... Read more
Based on the PARKS 23.1 paper A Governance Spectrum: Protected Areas in Belize.  Belize is one of the smallest non-island states in the Americas,...
A British colony until 1981, Belize has three distinct physiographic regions: the flat northern lowlands consisting primarily of limestone and sandy soils, with a complex mosaic of lowland, semi-... Read more
Trevor Sandwith Director, Global Protected Areas Programme Trevor leads IUCN’s Global Programme on Protected Areas which consists of a small secretariat staff based in headquarters in... Read more
Project Title: Mekong WET: Building Resilience of Wetlands in the Lower Mekong Region through a Ramsar Regional Initiative Location: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam Duration: 1 January,... Read more
Vice-Chairs, Thematic Chairs, other WCPA leaders and current members are asked to identify appropriate potential new members from within their region and theme areas and recommend them to the Chair.... Read more
Who are our members? We are a voluntary network of protected area professionals with a trust-based relationship that depends on our own ability but is fostered by the sense of belonging and... Read more
Project title: Watershed conservation and restoration in the Knuckles Conservation Forest and Environmental Protection Area: mini-watershed of Puwakpitiya Oya Location: Puwakpitiya, Knuckles... Read more
English WCPA Mandate 2017-2020  WCPA Membership Guide 2017  Code of Conduct for IUCN Commission Members WCPA Terms of Reference for Task Forces and Specialist Groups WCPA... Read more
The IUCN ‘Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas’ (GLPCA) is a global programme to encourage, achieve and promote effective, equitable and...
The IUCN Green List Standard User Manual The GLPCA Standard is backed by a IUCN Green List User Manual describing the rules and procedures that entities involved in the GLPCA programme have to... Read more
The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas (the ‘IUCN Green List Standard’) is a new global standard for protected areas in the 21st...
Access the IUCN Green List Standard or IUCN Green List User Manual, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and use the #IUCNGreenList hashtag! The IUCN Green List objectives... Read more
The IUCN Green List Standard The IUCN Green List Standard is organised into four components of successful nature conservation in protected and conserved areas. The baseline components... Read more
Pilot phase 2014 - the first Green listed areas The sites have been evaluated against a set of demanding criteria, including the quality of protection of natural values, based on the IUCN Green... Read more


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