Superfly report to IUCN Special Initiatives Grant

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature provided Superfly, Ltd. with a US$10,000 grant to create an enabling environment for bicycling in Solomon Islands rural areas. Bicycles represent a fantastic transport solution for rural Solomon Islands people to save time, money, and both improve and maintain their fitness. Better transport means improved access to markets, employment opportunities, and services.  

2016 | Project description

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waste 2 art  

Lami Waste-to-Art Workshop & Suva Harbour Coastal Clean-up

The Waste-to-Art initiative began in April 2015 and was designed to raise awareness on coastal & marine pollution issues, bringing engagement in material efficiency and waste management onto the table for IUCN ORO’s Sustainable Energy Programme to supplement the ongoing efforts of the LifeCycle Pacific initiative to facilitate the development of the old Lami Dump site into a recreational park featuring bicycle tracks and amenities for the public.  

March 2016 | Project description

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Improving the quality of Fiji’s freshwater clam fishery

Improving livelihoods of rural communities in Fiji by increasing economic benefits from Fiji’s kai fishery by addressing food safety issues …  

18 Jun 2014 | Project description


Managing marine areas

Spatial planning and evidence of the economic benefits of marine and coastal biodiversity can strengthen the management of these vital ecosystems. We are working with partners to undertake this work in selected Pacific Island countries. …  

03 Apr 2014 | Project description

Group discussions at the workshop in Honiara.  

Safeguarding Honiara's water source

IUCN is helping inspire communities who own the catchment area which supplies Honiara's water to preserve the ecosystem for themselves and their children. …  

13 Feb 2013 | Project completed

Mangroves in PNG  

Healthy forests

Through the project, Mangrove Rehabilitation for Sustainably-Managed Healthy Forests (MARSH) Project, IUCN engages the PNG Government, academic institutions in PNG and other partners to build capacity and strengthen sustainable mangrove management at the local and national levels. …  

04 Dec 2012 | Project description

Tegano Lake, East Rennell, Salomon Island  

Addressing key issues facing coastal marine resources

We are helping to improve management of coastal and marine resources and enabling the sharing of best practices amongst communities and conservation practitioners. Our efforts are focussed in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu.  …  

05 Nov 2012 | Project description

The leaders who shaped the new Green Growth Leadership Coalition.  

A coalition for green growth

With this project IUCN Oceania seeks to create a strong and effective coalition of Pacific Island leaders in key development sectors who can drive the introduction and implementation of green growth and sustainability principles in policy and decision making in their countries. …  

12 Jul 2012 | Project description

Household in Tonga with a new solar home system.  

Enabling access to clean energy

Through this project, IUCN Oceania will assist all Pacific Island Countries in providing support to the development and implementation of environmentally sustainable energy policies and a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency pilot projects focusing on ecosystem conservation and livelihood enhancement. … 

05 Jul 2012 | Project description

Mangroves at Nasilai, Rewa delta, Fiji.  

Protecting mangroves for the future

With this project IUCN Oceania seeks to address the key challenges of mangrove management to increase the resilience of the Pacific people to climate change and improve livelihoods. …  

04 Jul 2012 | Project completed

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