South America

South America is one of the richest sub-continents in terms of cultural and biological diversity; including indigenous peoples with strong historical ties to the region´s ecosystems, and which is also home to species such as the jaguar, piranha, anaconda and tapir.


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  • Sugarcane grower, SUSTAIN Initiative, Tanzania

    Empowering women in water management - International Women's Day 2017


    IUCN is committed to gender equality. To support International Women's Day, the Water Programme compiled some of their most recent efforts to empower women in decisions and actions for sustainable water management.

  • Four women in front of UICN sign

    Brazil paves the way for gender equity in forest and biodiversity conservation


    The gender and environment landscape is slowly changing in Brazil – after several years of concerted effort by IUCN to further gender considerations, women have taken a strong lead at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and restoration efforts. On...

  • Heliodoro Sanchez Paez 2

    ¡A un maestro y gran amigo!


    En la historia de la conservación del patrimonio natural de Colombia, pocas personas se pueden incluir en la lista de quienes dedicaron toda su vida a esta tarea, dejando una huella inspiradora.

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