Milieu marin et polaire

Les océans couvrent 70% de la surface de la Terre et soutiennent un monde d'une extraordinaire diversité. À ce jour, seule une fraction de celui-ci a été découvert, et une grande partie de la vie que cachent les océans reste un mystère que les experts de l'UICN cherchent à dévoiler.


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A la une

  • Stoloteuthis squid

    IUCN expedition to explore life on undersea mountains


    A scientific expedition to explore life on undersea mountains – or seamounts – in the high seas south of Madagascar is setting out from Reunion Island on April 23rd. The three-week-long expedition aboard the French Polar Institute’s research vessel...

  • Mangroves in Cambodia

    What are mangroves worth? There’s no easy answer


    Our existence depends on flows of goods and services delivered by a stock of natural resources – our ‘natural’ capital. But as we have degraded the planet’s ecosystems, we’ve lost huge stocks of this natural capital and we are starting to feel the pinch.

  • Polar bears

    IUCN World Heritage report stresses urgency of protecting the Arctic from ships and oil as ice melts


    Monaco, 4 April 2017 (IUCN) – The Arctic Ocean urgently needs protection as melting sea ice is opening up previously inaccessible areas to activities such as shipping, bottom trawl fishing and oil exploration, according to a scientific report launched today...

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